Content & Copy Writing

Who is your audience? What’s your tone? Is your content to inform, persuade, or just to drive sales? Do you even know what you need? This is where we come in. Online content has two aims: to get people to your website via organic search results, and then to convert them to sales once they’re there. The content we write is oriented to what you need. Our content is SEO-friendly, so that your website naturally comes up in appropriate search results.

How do you convert visitors into sales? It depends. For New Zealand customers, you need New Zealand content writers to understand the idiosyncrasies of the Kiwi culture. You need authentic writing too, your customers don’t want generic drivel. This is why you need something that reflects you and your company. Infuse your content with your culture- whether it be quirky, whimsical, fun writing, or you need to engender trust with highly technical or formal writing.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation used to be a dark art, with keyword loading and a host of other unscrupulous practices. As Google has distilled and clarified what will rise to the top of search rankings, copywriting has become more important.

Content is still king, and what you write and how you write it will influence your Google rankings.

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Transcription & editing

Sometimes, all you need is that finishing touch. It might be proofreading, copy editing for books or maybe you just want your writing to sparkle. Have you written the most amazing blog post, but aren’t sure if the SEO keywords are right? Perhaps you just need to avert apostrophe catastrophe. Send it to us and we’ll ensure that your i’s are dotted, t’s are crossed, and every comma is in its rightful place.

We also offer transcription services. If you’ve got an interview that needs typing up or a story that needs telling, we will activate our speed typing powers and transcribe into an easily understood Word document. So for any New Zealand transcription services, contact us!

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New Zealand Content and Copywriting

What’s content, and what’s copy?

Put simply, copywriting is advertising, writing designed to create sales.

Content is everything else. You need great content so customers read the copy!

You need fresh, engaging content that holds potential customers’ attention for longer than just a glance. You need creative writing that captures thought and draws people in. You need relevant, targeted marketing that reaches the right people at the right time. You need carefully curated copywriting that hooks in your target market, and gives them the answers they need to buy your product or service. You need whimsical, fun, interesting content that inspires.

Word Wranglers

We love writing. We love words. And even more importantly, we want our customers to have content that not only suits their needs, but is genuine, easily readable, and sets them apart from their competition.

Our International content writers offer fresh eyes and new ideas, as well as insight into markets outside of NZ. Our New Zealand content writing is insightful, pitched towards Kiwis, and shows an understanding of Aotearoa.

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