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About Us

We are a small but nimble agency, with talented writers passionate about getting results for their customers. With experience over a wide variety of industries, we have skills and understanding that help us to help you. We are also very good at Candy Crush.

We are a New Zealand content writing company with an International flavour. Based in Bangalore, India, we have access to a wide variety of resources and talent.

It’s important to us that you have distinctive, authentic content. We want your business to shine. We have all seen content generation companies that churn out thoughtless articles that contribute to the clutter of cyberspace. We don’t want that.

Paula Simpson – Chief Cat Herder

I grew up in a small town at the bottom of the South Island, New Zealand. I moved to Dunedin for a few years, and then to Christchurch, where I gained my BSc in Psychology while battling through a few thousand earthquakes. Then, following a broken heart, I made a logical and well thought out decision to move to Bangalore, India.

I love cats, travel, food, cats, reading, theatre, writing, and cats. I am passionate about words, and I loathe terrible grammar, with a special repulsion reserved for apostrophes used with flagrant disregard for their intended purpose.

My first sentence in life was ‘I’ll do it by MYSELF’ and nothing has changed (ask my Mum). I’m a little bit cheeky, an expert cat-herder, and I love creating beautiful prose, and something a bit different for my customers.

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