Six quick tips to get the best bang for your buck from your blog

If you’ve gone to the time and effort of writing a blog (or, hopefully getting me to write your blogs), there’s a few simple things you can do to ensure you get maximum impact from them.

  1. Post blogs consistently. Google likes regular content. So, if you have two blog posts a week, perhaps post one on Monday, and one a few days later.
  2. Update your existing content. Google also likes when you update your content to keep it relevant. This may mean you go back into old blogs and update information, or updating your pages to reflect the changing nature of the business.
  3. Have unique content. Copying and pasting other people’s blogs/ content creates two problems. It can leave you open to copyright infringement and the original author may take legal action against you. It also may negatively affect the ability of your site to attract organic traffic- Google may drop your site ranking down, or they could remove it completely from the Google index so it doesn’t ever show up in search results (you don’t want this!).
  4. Insert accurate keywords at every relevant opportunity. In your title, in the content, in your image file names and descriptions. Take every chance to ensure you get the right customers to your site. HOWEVER a word of caution- these have to make sense. No-one will read your blog if it’s just a jumble of keywords. Google can tell if you do this and you may get penalised.
  5. Link and reference where you got your information from. Not only is this good polite netiquette, but good links help search rankings.
  6. Post on social media at the right time. You can use scheduling tools so you don’t even have to remember when to do it. For Facebook for instance, post between 12pm and 3pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

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