How to get the tone right for your website content and why it matters

The style and tone of your website is very important to consider, yet so often overlooked. Part of marketing your business is understanding who your target audience is, and editing your content to appeal to that market. You also want your business to be perceived a certain way and the tone of your writing affects this.

Formal writing

This is the kind of writing you expect from lawyers, accountants, bankers and other professional trades. Sentences will be technically correct, in third person, and hopefully will inspire the reader to trust the company.

However, it’s not always the best tone if your business wants to create a fun or relaxed feel to its website.

Casual/ informal writing

My writing style on this website is informal. In first person, I want my readers to be able to hear my ‘voice’. The style is more genuine, authentic, and conversational. If you want to write in this tone, then spend some time transcribing an interview. How people actually speak is very different to written word. If you are wanting to connect with your local market, then hiring a New Zealand content writer is important. This ensures that the essence of ‘Kiwi’ is captured in the tone and any local idiosyncrasies are included.

If humour is appropriate and won’t be misconstrued, this is great too. The problem with an informal writing style is that it can quickly appear ‘sloppy’ or unprofessional if it’s too casual.

Manufactured, generic writing (and how to avoid it)

Often if content is created en masse, this is what transpires. A website development company I know gets their customers to write their own content. This is so the content will be more genuine some copy-writing companies generic spiel.

Manufactured writing may not be consistent from one blog to the next, and it’s likely that real life examples won’t be included. While this writing style has a place, it’s not the most effective style of writing to form a relationship with your customers.

If you’re not confident in crafting the tone you want, then a content writing company will be able to. Tell them what you need and they will be able to write to suit your audience while still remaining professional.

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